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Omer`s Morrowind Site

Empire of Barsils Mod:

This mod includes

A new continent that completely replaces Vvardenfell, with over hundreds exterior cells, new models (modern buildings, cars, airplanes,helicopters,guns and more). .

There also some new races to choose, Barsilsen, Shaninen, Bindorian , Ckian , and you can also play as a Vampire!




Screenshots from the "Empire of Barsils" Mod:



Screenshot n. 1: Sura Mountains- The wealthy people neighborhood



Screenshot n. 2 - another from the Sura Mountains


Screenshot n. 3- The unholy Wenhji Mountains

Screenshot n. 4- Overlooking the M'gide Blood from Bikuj

screenshot n.5 - another from Bikuj


Screenshot n. 6- Near Sura Airport



Right now you can download a beta version

(It includes all the new models, most of the exteriors, some of the interiors but no quests yet)