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Hunt for Osama Mod






There are rumours that Osama Bin Laden is hiding near morrowind. Very Dangerous Situation.
You are the only hero who can fight him!
attention! he is armed with ak-47 gun.
Talk to Caius Cosaded about "latest rumours" to start playing. Read the Readme for more instructions. (you must have caius cosades in
your game to play the mod)

This version includes better looking face of Bin Laden, and improved ak-47 gun
*The mod is very challenging and suitable for high level character unless you cheat.


*sometimes when you fight osama you get this message:
"arrowbone missing on actor "osamo00000000". so you have to add the line "AllowYesToAll=1" to your morrowind.ini file.

*the mod requires tribunal

I included Osama's Real face in the mod.

Email me if you have any problem with the mod:
Version: 2 Filesize: 1.45 MB